I love you like a play-cousin, but



Did he just — ? Did he just nitpick at somebody’s grammar or word choice while she was feeling kind of sick? And then posted on Facebook about it, all smug and self-righteous as if the whole world is a much better place because of that on-the-spot correction?

If I’m feeling nauseous, nauseating, naustalgic, whatever — the only words I want to hear are:

“Here’s a barf-bag, if you need it.”

“Have some ginger tea.”

“Maybe you should go outside and get some fresh air.”

“Have some water.”

“Do you need some help?”

“Don’t forget your Scrunchie!”

You know what I mean? But to take the time to trouble someone who is not feeling well with some English lesson that no one cares about except you and all the other 572 Americans who got graduate degrees in The English Language qualifies you for a free trip to Crasshole Corner to re-evaluate some things. Look at your life. Look at your choices. And stop being a Grammar Drone.


Let’s talk about Family Planning

I’m not talking about contraceptives, here. Whatever your views are on that are irrelevant in this setting. I’m talking about a long term vision, or plan, for your family’s culture and legacy. What will your great-great-grandchildren learn about you from their grandparents? Will they even know your know your name? You great-great-grandchildren who are not siblings will all be 3rd cousins to each other. Will they know each other?

My sister Kirsten says that Family is the Best Kept Secret. And she’s right. We reach out and try to have all these networks and support groups and everything, but if our families have been strategically planned, planted, and nurtured, we could find the majority of our needs right within our own families. Notice I said majority, not all. We do need to reach outside the tribe once in a while. But the strong bonds of family should reach across generation, across state and continental lines, even across the barrier between the living and the dead. That can only happen with planning.

It’s interesting that the record of our genealogy is called a “Family Tree.” You know the best time to plant a tree, right? At least ten years ago.

The best time to plan a family and build a culture is at least one generation ago.

Each week, when I take my personal reflection time and assess where I am, where I intend to be, and whether I’m doing the right things to get there, I look at the seeds I’ve planted into my family. Can I expect to reap the desired harvest? We’ll see, I suppose.

Thanks for stopping by.

God willing, I’ll talk to you soon.



Hello world!

Oh look! A baby! Not ours. But very lookable. Loooooook!

A new blog. Like a new baby. Yay! Now, what to do with it?

I’m Chestna.

My husband is Jim.

Together, we’re jimna.