The garden – rough update

I’ve been meaning to document what we’ve been doing in our garden, but I just kept not-getting-around-to-it. Oh I’ve been spending plenty of time in the garden, but just without bringing the camera.

Also, the yard is a mess, but it won’t be that way for long. Work with us, okay? There’s a lot going on around here.

Sister Bear is eager to help Papa Bear construct the Garden Tower

One of our vertical gardens

Assembling our Garden Tower was a family affair. A great time was a had and a big mess was made by all.

oooh, look how tall it is

So I’ve just learned that I should probably rotate pictures BEFORE importing them into the WordPress media library. Good to know. For next time.

It could use a little rinsing off, I think

It could use a little rinsing off, I think

This was almost a month ago. I’ll update with a more recent picture with all the new plants we put in there (and I do keep it rinsed off nowadays, thank you).

We also need to dig up some more worms to stick into the center part. Right now we just have one little fella all by his lonesome, 🙁


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