Don’t be the nice girl who finishes last

Please don’t.

TMI warning, Safe For Work but really embarrassing.

When I was in 2nd grade, my arrived at school late. When we got there, someone had set up a table with some sign in sheets or something so that could sign in and not be marked as tardy. All the students got off the bus and lined up to sign in.

For some deranged reason, I started letting everyone cut in front of me in line. I’m not sure why, but by that young age I’d already internalized some sick belief that my place in life was behind everybody else.  As more students arrived even after my bus had departed, I still kept allowing the new arrivals to cut in front of me in line. I was just trying to be “nice.”

What the entire hell.

A teacher had to come by and stop me from letting anyone else cut in front of me.

What exactly was wrong with me? Why did I think I was doing a good thing?

What did I believe made me so special that out of everyone present that day, I was Chosen To Be Last?

Why did I feel like I was doing what God wanted?

girl, child, black

Dear Little Girl,

Hold on to your rightful place.

Don’t move back for anyone. Don’t step down for anyone.

Step forward, step up, and show up for your own life.

Be great. Have fun.





Storytime with Big Girl

(Today, I had the privilege of listening to my nearly 6 year old daughter tell a story. I typed as she talked. Enjoy)

The Bird & The Worm

Once upon a time, there was a bird who loved to sing in gardens. He also liked to fly above the gardens and see what people were doing in them. One day, he saw a worm. He was helping the garden and one of the people there was trying to get rid of the worm. But that was okay for learning because the person didn’t know that worms were good for gardens. So that bird flew down and started singing in the person’s ear. The person got annoyed by all that singing and went inside, but did not stop trying to get rid of that worm.

The next day, the bird went to that worm and he saw the person again. So he just started pecking and pecking  and then singing in his ear. But it wasn’t a person, it was a robot person! So here’s what it did. The bird tried his hardest to use his beak as a screwdriver to unscrew the screws. And when the real person saw the bird, he wanted to get rid of the bird, too! So he set out a bird trap on the bird’s favorite spot – the highest branch of the orange blossom tree. But the bird knew there was a trap on the highest branch, so went to the lowest branch. Then, all the branches had traps on the orange blossom tree. And the bird went over to apple blossom tree.

And he found the worm and saved and scooped up the worm in his mouth, and put him in another garden where people knew that worms were good for gardens. The Community Garden!

The End.